6 Month Update: 101 in 1001

I can’t believe we’re already 6 months into the year! It almost seems I’ve lived a lifetime in the last few months. But I’m just glad it’s summer again.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick check-in on my list from January and my attempts to add more deliberately fun experiences to my life.

Admittedly, my progress seems paltry — I’ve only crossed 6 things off. And considering I have just under three years to do this, that’ll be fewer than 36 things at the rate I’m going. So I’ll definitely have to amp it up.

Here’s what I’ve done so far..

  • Come up with 101 things (yes, I admit that’s cheating a little).
  • Go to a professional sports game. (NJ Devils v. Winnipeg Jets – February 2013 – Who would have thought it would be hockey?)photo
  • Eat no meat for one week, not including fish. (March 2013- Making my food as pretty as possible definitely helped!)

Breakfast: steel-cut oats with milk, berries, honey and cinnamon @alexanderofasgardia

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Cooking up a storm #vegetarian #quinoa #food #foodporn

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  • Try five new foods. (5/5 – churros, foie gras, crème brûlée, piroshki, and blinchiki! I underestimated how easy this would be.)
  • Try a cosmopolitan. (May 2013 – My boyfriend, who counts mixology as a hobby, surprised me with a homemade cosmo, and I loved it!)
  • Dine at Balthazar. (May 2013 – So so fun!)

But I’m also making progress on others:

  • Read all 37 Shakespeare plays – I’ve read 4.. :-/
  • Visit five new states. [2/5 – Texas, Jan ’13; Massachusetts, March ’13]
  • Read 30 new books, not counting Shakespeare. – I’ve read quite a few, although I haven’t been good at keeping track.
  • Get my Gmail inbox to 0 unread emails and keep it below 50. – Spent my first day of vacation this week cutting it down from 1,800+ to 190+ and there’s no turning back.
  • Learn a song in Russian. – Does knowing the first four lines count? Here I come, Russian Idol!

I definitely owe much of my progress so far to my aforementioned boyfriend, who has kind of adopted the list. I can’t wait for more adventures!


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