A Few Good Reads {September 2013}

September was busy beyond belief — especially at work! But I also squeezed in time to accomplish a major goal I set for myself and to do a lot of planning for future projects (More to come later!)

It’s slightly embarrassing that the last thing I posted was August’s round-up, but what can I say? Here are some things I enjoyed last month.

  • I couldn’t help but tearing up when I watched the video above from Soul Pancake. In a mini-series called “The Science of Happiness,” participants are asked to write a letter to a person who’s influenced their life. The good part comes when they have to call up that person and read it to them. {Soul Pancake}
  • And if you can bear it, check out this follow-up video with real submissions from viewers. This has me thinking about all the things and people I’m so grateful for in my own life. {Soul Pancake}
  • Women in Albania, known as Sworn Virgins, opt to live as men in order to enjoy greater freedoms. Don’t worry, this is safe for work. {Messy Nessy Chic}
  • After reading this post, I’m extra vigilant for this girly verbal tic in my speech. {Jezebel}
  • Love this series of what writers see from their windows {The Paris Review}
  • Do you roll your eyes at selfies? This writer reflects on the trend everyone loves to hate and how it fits into her life. {The Morning News}
  • This is the principle I aspire to. {Seth’s Blog}
  • You’ll never think about Cinnabon the same way ever again after reading this. {BloombergBusinessweek}
  • What’s the secret to Justin Timberlake’s enduring career? {T Magazine}
  • Awww.. This is too precious! {Humans of New York}
  • Well-known writers talk about “writer’s block.” The takeaway? Just start writing! {Rookie}

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