A Few Good Reads {March 2015}

I took a break from regularly scheduled photo inspiration this weekend to share some recommended reading from around the Internet this month. Enjoy the links below when you have a moment of quiet this weekend!

Brother Orange

Photo: Qingqing Chen / BuzzFeed

– Have you heard about Brother Orange? It’s one of the craziest, most random stories I’ve come across in a while. Basically, a guy loses his cell phone and manages to track it all the way to China, where he gets swept up into a life-changing adventure and bromance. Go check it out at Buzzfeed!

– WNYC did a great multimedia feature on “Being 12.” Their adorable Tumblr round-up took me right back to my 12-year-old days, complete with the ambitions, angst and awkwardness.

– Here’s what America looked like 50 years ago (via The Atlantic). A couple of the images look like they could have been taken today.

– How awesome are these brave women who are pioneering surfing in Iran? And these “sea women,” who, for generations, have earned their living diving in Korea?

– “What if we saw attention in the same way that we saw air or water, as a valuable resource that we hold in common?” This thought-provoking article argues that “we have allowed our attention to be monetized,” which is why silence — and the freedom to think — is becoming an increasingly rare and expensive luxury.

– You have permission to indulge in some food porn, via Andrew Scrivani, who takes photographs for the New York Times’ Food Section.

– A few weeks ago, I wrote about our culture’s obsession with being busy. Well, author Tim Kreider took it a step further in a funny and inspirational essay, “Lazy: A Manifesto.” Listen to it for free here.

And in case you missed them, here are this month’s posts from my blog:


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