Is it me or did this Friday come around rather quickly? Who am I kidding – the weekend can never come soon enough. Here’s to the first day of spring and the promise of better days to come for those of us in the Northeast enduring today’s forecast of snow and rain!

susan ussing glasshouse

Photo: Documentation of ” I Drivhuset (In the Greenhouse)” from Galleri Tom Christoffersen

I love the Alice-in-Wonderland feel of this striking installation from 1980 by Danish artist Suzanne Ussing. The female figure, made from newspapers, wood and metal, comes across as both God-like and childishly vulnerable. What woman doesn’t feel like that sometimes? 😉

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TGIF! I had a really productive and fun week, but still Friday could not have come sooner. Here are 5 photos to help get you inspired for the weekend..


Photo: Dave Bledsoe

Spring is (almost) finally here! At the first sign of good weather in NYC this week, I could feel a weight lift off my shoulder. Now, I’m looking forward to longer days, lunch in the park, leather jackets – and  cherry blossoms. They bloom in April at the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn.

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Photo: Thomas Frost Jensen / Creative Commons

I recently came across this blog post from Ramit Sethi, who blogs about money management, psychology and creating systems for personal improvement at I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Despite the somewhat shady name, his blog is full of thought-provoking content about what he describes as “living a rich life” in all areas (finance, fitness, travel, etc.)

Here’s what he wrote about wanting more:

I realized that most people want you to stay exactly where you are in life — and if you explicitly talk about how you want more, they get really uncomfortable.

This is why you see people telling you to “just be happy you have a job in this economy” if you talk about finding a Dream Job.

This is why if you tell your friends you want to lose weight (especially if you’re a woman), your friends will say, “Why? You don’t need to change. You look amazing!”

And this is why, if you tell your friends you’re staying in tonight to work on a project or study for a class you’re taking, what will they say? “Come on, man…it’s Friday. You can do that any time.”

But it’s not just other people who hold us back.

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Photo by Gonzo fan2007

With resolutions on everyone’s mind, January seems like a good time to revisit my 101 in 1001 list. It’s a list of 101 goals I need to accomplish by September 2015, and one of the cornerstones of this blog (full list and back story here).

I’ve checked off a few more things since my last update, which was 6 months in, back when it seemed like I had all the time in the world.

But there’s still plenty more (75, to be exact!) that I need to do before I can pat myself on the back  — and then immediately start coming up with a brand new list (see #101).

With that said, I realize I’m going to need help finishing this… which is where you come in, friends.

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