Old Montreal-3244I never thought I’d be happy about 20-degree weather. But after five days of sub-zero temperatures and bone-chilling winds in Montreal a couple weeks ago, even this unusually snowy New York City winter has been looking really good.

As an islander and lover of all things tropical, Montreal in February was not an obvious choice. But somehow, with its French vibe (appealing for me) and its storied hockey history (appealing for my boyfriend), the city snuck its way onto our list of places to visit.

From the moment we exited the airport and felt our lungs physically adjust to the shock of the frigid Canadian air, it was clear Montreal was going to be experienced on its own terms.

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Travel is always on my mind, and my latest obsession is Thailand. I first saw someone vlog about their recent vacation there on YouTube and was struck by its similarities to the Caribbean. Except Thailand seems even more exotic somehow.

While I’m not planning to go there anytime soon (the State Department just issued a travel alert for Thailand “due to ongoing political and social unrest”),  I’m taking inspiration from these amazing photos.

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