It’s the first day of fall!.. which sadly means the end of summer.

While there is something romantic about the falling leaves and crisp autumn air, I can’t say I’m overly thrilled to say goodbye to the long summer evenings, days in the park, picnics, frozen yogurt and eating avocado at least once a day.┬áThis is one of the best summers I’ve had in a while. I graduated college right on time, and post-college unemployment, though not ideal, meant I was able to spend the last few months just enjoying each day as much as possible.

I guess it had to end some time.

Photo: Jhaneel Lockhart

I’ve come to accept it grudgingly, especially because I anticipate fall will come with its own pleasant surprises, but I couldn’t help but doing some reflection.

About four months ago, I sat on my bed with one of my close friends, Jordan and came up with a summer bucket list:

– Learn to drive (Still no progress)
– Leave NY (Nope.)
– Jog often (I was on a good workout schedule for the first month or two, but then life happened. *shrug*)
– Read 50 books. (5/50. I knew this was over ambitious when I wrote it down, but still.. In my defense, Atlas Shrugged took a month!)
– Write poems. (I wrote LOTS!)
– Take a baking class. (Didn’t even bake a single cake, which for me, is unheard of!)
– Renew my passport (My procrastination knows no bounds.)
– Spend time with cousin (Did this!)
– Apply for jobs (Did this..)
– Write everyday. (Not quite everyday, but I did do pretty well on this one.)

I was horrified when I first looked back at this list a week or two ago. But then I realized that while I may not have completed this specific list, I did so many other things, one of which was conquering my roller coaster fear and going to Six Flags of all places!

Also, in true listaholic fashion, I’m starting a 101 in 1001 list! (Coming soon)

Onward fall!

Photo: Jhaneel Lockhart